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Tomas Borovinsky


In the present paper we intend to rethink the “Jewish question”, in the context of religion’s secularization and the modern nation-state crisis, in Hannah Arendt’s political thought. She writes, on the other hand, in and over the decline of modern nation-states that expel and denationalize both foreign citizens and their own depending on the case. She also thinks as a Jew from birth who suffers persecutions and particularly theorizes on her Jew condition and the future of Judaism before and after the creation of the State of Israel. As we will see during this paper we can identify these three issues all together, particularly in the Zionist experience: modern secularization, decline of the nation-state and the “Jewish question”. And it is from these intertwined elements that we can draw a critical thinking for a politics of pluralism.

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BOROVINSKY, Tomas. THE JEWISH QUESTION, SECULARIZATION AND THE NATION-STATE CRISIS IN HANNAH ARENDT: FOR A POLITICS OF PLURALITY. Politics and Religion Journal, [S.l.], v. 10, n. 2, p. 191-205, dec. 2016. ISSN 1820-659X. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 19 apr. 2018.


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